Discipline Press is an independent not-for-profit publishing imprint based in Brooklyn, New York.  Founded by artist Tamara Santibañez, Discipline is inspired by the intersection of the personal and political in creative expression, and focuses on art, subculture, and sexuality.  

Through publishing and curating works for artists, activists, radicals, and countercultural icons, Discipline aspires to elevate the voices of those marginalized within existing subcultures, particularly those of people of color, women, incarcerated, queer and trans individuals.  Discipline is dedicated to subverting censorship in media, print, and art and serves as a resource for work deemed explicit or overly challenging by other publishers.


Dover Street Market

New York, NY

Molasses Books

Brooklyn, NY

Farewell Books

Austin, Texas

Exile Books

Miami, Florida

Terms and Conditions

Discipline is currently accepting submissions of artwork. As Discipline Press is a not for profit imprint, any proceeds from the sale of published works are donated directly to social justice organizations or go towards funding other Discipline projects. Works included in our publications are largely donated for use by the artists. Single artist publications are created at no cost to the artist. Discipline retains a portion of the edition while the remaining portion is given directly to the artist. Multiple artist publications are distributed via Discipline and selected retailers, with contributors receiving a complimentary copy of the publication when possible.

Discipline prioritizes using print resources that are supportive of the material we produce and to avoid using companies that we know to engage in censorship practices. We maintain an ongoing record of printing experiences both positive and negative and are happy to share the information as a resource for independent publishers (upon request).

We are not responsible for the views and opinions of our artists and contributors. We are not responsible for unsolicited submissions and are not responsible for artwork in the event that it is lost, stolen, or damaged. For this reason, we request that you send us duplicate materials only. If you would like your submissions returned to you, you must provide a self addressed, return envelope with the correct postage (or FedEx form filled out and enclosed) affixed. We respectfully ask that you refrain from emailing or calling Discipline regarding the status of submissions.

Your submission of material constitutes your acceptance of the following: (i) You warrant and represent that you are the copyright owner of the material submitted, or the copyright owner of such photo has granted you permission to use the material; and (ii) You understand that your work, if approved, may be used in a Discipline publication, to be determined in Discipline’s sole discretion, without further notice to you.